The Softcell softener has basically two parts, the Sediment Pre-Filter and the Resin tank. The resin tank contains small resin beads the attract Calcium and Magnesium minerals as water passes over them. The tank contains enough resin to attract approximately 15,000 grains of these minerals. The hardness of water is rated by grains per gallon (gpg). If, for example, your water was rated at 10 gpg, you would be able to use 1,500 gallons of water (15,000 divided by 10) before you would have to regenerate the resin in the resin tank. Regenerating is another term for washing the deposits off the resin beads to allow them to attract more minerals. Salt water (brine) is used to wash off the minerals


To regenerate the resin in the SoftCell, we use the Pre-Filter housing as a brine-generating tank. To regenerate the SoftCell do the following:

  • Remove the filter cartridge from the Pre-Filter housing.
  • Remove the hose from the “in” side of the Pre-Filter cap and connect it to the “out” side of the resin tank.
  • Run water full force for 5 to 10 minutes. This is called backwashing and it rinses out any particles such as rust that may have gotten into the system.
  • Remove and re-attach the hose to the “in” side of the Pre-Filter cap.
  • Fill the clear housing with salt pellets, such as Morton softener salt pellets, and install back on the Pre-Filter cap.
  • Pivot the Pre-Filter housing upside down. (Reason: with the filter cartridge removed, the water would pass over the top of the salt pellets and not allow the salt to dissolve)
  • Turn on the water at a slow rate (approximately ½ gallon per minute) and run until the salt pellets have completely dissolved and the water does not taste of salt.
  • The resin is now regenerated and ready to soften more water.
  • Pivot the Pre-Filter back down, remove the clear housing, insert a new 10 or 20-Micron filter cartridge and re-attach (run water full force for 5 minutes to final rinse resin before using water.