After years of struggling with hard water problems, with the spots it left on our boat’s gel-coat and with the rust and calcium stains it left in the head and sinks, it was time to consult with water experts and develop a system that would eliminate hard water problems and still be portable. The result was SoftCell.


SoftCell is a high capacity commercial portable water/filter softener for Marine, RV, Seasonal Homes, and other unique applications. The SoftCell softener combines the benefits of a conventional water softener with the portability demanded by our mobile society. Whether you own a boat, recreational vehicle, cabin or just need soft water to wash your car or plane from a water hose, the SoftCell softener will provide ample amounts of conditioned water.


The words “hard water” describes water that contain calcium and magnesium, the hardness minerals. Rain water begins as a soft water, free of minerals. As rain water passes over and through the earth, flowing into lakes, rivers, streams, and the ground, it absorbs the hardness minerals. While these minerals aren’t harmful to your health, they do affect the properties of water and it’s effectiveness for washing and cleaning.


Soft water turns tough cleaning jobs into easy work, it also saves money and time. You need less soap to get suds. You can say good-bye to annoying water scaling and soap scum as well as stubborn spots left on gelcoat, glass, sinks, and showers. Your piping and appliances remain stain and clog-free, requiring less maintenance and repairs.


At an affordable price, the SoftCell softener provides a simple solution to the problems associated with hard water used in recreational applications. Simply installed between the hard water source supply and your boat or RV, the unit requires no electrical power and has no moving parts to repair or replace. You can fill your potable water holding tanks, or use a hose directly from the softener to wash and rinse without the stains and spots from rusty and hard water. SoftCell’s portability allows you to take the benefits of your home water softener with you as you travel or cruise from place to place