The History of SoftCell Portable Water Softeners

The Story Behind SoftCell Portable Water Softeners

If you’ve ever dealt with hard water on your travels or at home, you know it’s no picnic. It can leave spots on your dishes, make your skin feel scratchy, and even shorten the life of your plumbing and appliances. That’s where SoftCell Portable Water Softeners come into play. This company wasn’t born in a corporate boardroom but out of real frustration with these very issues.

The Beginning of SoftCell

The journey of SoftCell started with a group of friends who loved to travel. Whether they were out on a boat or traveling in an RV, they kept running into problems caused by hard water. From unsightly spots on their vehicles to appliances breaking down prematurely, they’d had enough. So, they got together, talked to some experts, and decided to create a solution that anyone could use, whether they were at a marina or in the middle of nowhere.

The SoftCell Solution

SoftCell Portable Water Softeners were designed to be easy for anyone to use. You don’t need to be a plumber to install it, and it doesn’t require any power, which is perfect when you’re off the grid. Just connect it to your water supply, and it starts working. The softener uses a process that swaps out calcium and magnesium—the minerals that make water hard—with sodium. This not only prevents scale but also makes the water feel softer on your skin and makes cleaning easier.

Not Just for Travelers

While SoftCell got its start with travelers in mind, it turns out that lots of people could use a bit of softening. Apartment dwellers who can’t install a full-size water softener, homeowners who need a temporary solution while renovating, or anyone who lives in a hard water area has found these portable softeners to be a game-changer.

Looking Ahead

Today, SoftCell is still focused on making high-quality portable water softeners that are affordable and easy to use. They’ve expanded their line to fit more specific needs, offering different sizes and models depending on how much water you need to treat. They’ve also kept their commitment to customer service, helping people not just buy the right model, but also understand the best way to use it.

In short, SoftCell is all about solving real-world problems with practical solutions. They saw a need, they filled it, and they continue to adapt as their customers’ needs change. If you’re tired of dealing with hard water, check them out. You might find just what you need to turn those hard water woes into water wins.

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Who is SoftCell:

SoftCell stands as a versatile and high-capacity commercial portable water/filter softener designed to meet the unique needs of Marine, RV, Seasonal Homes, and various other applications. This innovative softener seamlessly marries the advantages of a traditional water softener with the portability essential in our dynamic, on-the-go society. Whether you’re navigating the seas in your boat, embarking on a road trip in your recreational vehicle, retreating to a cabin, or simply requiring soft water for washing your car or plane, SoftCell delivers an abundance of conditioned water. Our solution is built to provide not just convenience but a reliable source of softened water wherever your ventures take you. SoftCell: Your answer to high-capacity, portable water softening for all of life’s adventures. Check out more at and like us on our Facebook page at Learn more about the Softcell products on our website.

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